What’s MOVEing in Oregon?

Rose Villa

Welcome to Rose Villa!

Welcome to Rose Villa! When residents move into Rose Villa, they receive a welcome basket. It includes a card with a warm greeting, an orientation booklet about Rose Villa (e.g., activities, who to go to and where things are), a crossword puzzle, and more. Even before they move in, the Maintenance department has used a checklist to make sure that everything is ready and in working order. Early in their residency, staff work with residents and/or their families to create a one-page biography. This is framed and hung in the resident’s room to remind staff and visitors about the things and events that have been important to the person. Staff also work with the new resident to make a shadow box representative of the person to be hung outside of their door. Staff have observed that the transition to Rose Villa has been much easier for residents since they started this program. For more information, contact Cassy Adams, Activities and Volunteer Coordinator, (503) 654-3171.

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