MOUTH CARE WITHOUT A BATTLE: Individualized mouth care for persons with cognitive and physical impairment

NOV 07, 2013 at 1:00-4:00pm

Mouth Care

Flu and cold season will be here soon! Would you like to learn simple ways to reduce the rate of pneumonia by about 50% in elders? By Implementing improved mouth care, research has shown it is possible to dramatically reduce the incidence of pneumonia in nursing home residents and others who need assistance with mouth care. In this session the provision of good oral care will be viewed as an infection control measure, not simply a hygiene task. In addition we will discuss the many benefits of good oral care, including pain reduction and better nutrition.

Mouth Care Without A Battle© is an evidence-based approach to person-centered daily mouth care for persons with cognitive and physical impairment. The DVD used for this training was developed by the research group that brought you Bathing Without A Battle©. Mouth Care Without A Battle© combines best practices in oral hygiene with proven techniques to overcome resistance to care among persons with dementia and related conditions.

Attendees will receive hands-on training in proper mouth care technique and an interactive session on overcoming resistive behaviors in persons with dementia.

Learning Goals

  • Explore new evidence on the link between oral health and other health outcomes.
  • Discover innovative oral health assessment tools.
  • Participate in person-centered, state-of-the-art mouth care skills training.
  • Address behavioral challenges in implementing and sustaining quality mouth care.


Joanne Rader, RN, MN, PMHNP is a MOVE and Pioneer Network co-founder who led restraint elimination efforts. She is an expert in understanding behavior as communication, the importance of proper mobility and seating devices, and a co-author of Bathing Without A Battle©.

We will Skype with Ann Louise Barrick, PhD. Dr. Barrick co-directed development of the techniques used in both Bathing Without A Battle© and Mouth Care Without A Battle©.


Silverton Health
Woodburn Health Center
Wellspring Conference Center
1475 Mt. Hood Avenue
Woodburn, Oregon 97071


Individual: $25
Student: $20
Organization: $100
(up to 5 attendees per organization)


12:45 p.m.

Who should attend

Training in the techniques of Mouth Care Without A Battle© is meant for all staff in nursing homes, assisted living and residential care communities, home health agencies, family members, and health professionals who care for people with cognitive and physical impairment. There will also be a special segment for administrators, policy makers and other advocates for quality care.

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