Shared Leadership: The Key to Successful Change

JUNE 3, 2009 at 1:00-4:30pm

An Afternoon with Culture Change Educators Barbara Frank and Cathie Brady.

Come learn what’s next in culture change from a team of nationally-recognized culture change educators!

Efforts to individualize care and services within the long-term care field have evolved over many decades. Through this evolution, people working well together in shared leadership has been key to effective and sustainable change. This highly interactive session will offer a way to examine each person’s own practices and their own impact, and how to use shared leadership practices to achieve active engagement from everyone in transforming from institutional to individualized care.

This session will explore ways of increasing active participation through skills and systems that make sure people have the information they need in time to act on it, and the systems in place to support them in doing so.


  • Become more aware of one’s own impact as a team member
  • Recognize the impact of shared leadership as a key ingredient to successful culture change
  • Analyze how well current systems foster inclusion of everyone
  • Identify ways to promote active engagement and critical thinking for effective change on a day-to-day basis


MOVE is excited that Barbara Frank and Cathie Brady of B &F Consulting, based in Connecticut and Rhode Island, are joining us in Oregon to help us with our culture change journey! Frank and Brady are known across the country for their hands-on work consulting with long-term care organizations on the challenges of culture change. Nursing home providers may recognize them as key presenters and producers of the national CMS four-part webcast series on culture change, which was required viewing for nursing facility surveyors around the country. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore strategies for making our long-term care communities better places to live and work!


Al Kader Shriner Center
25100 SW Parkway Avenue
Wilsonville, OR 97070


Individual: $20
Organization: $75
(up to 5 attendees per organization)


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