The Person-Centered Approach to Address Employee Absenteeism

MAY 2, 2008 at 12:00-2:30pm

David Farrell

Staffing challenges are the single greatest frustration of both LTC leaders and their staff. In order to reduce absenteeism and prevent staffing headaches, providers need new, evidence-based approaches to address these age-old problems.

In this presentation, David Farrell will discuss the leadership paradigm shift necessary to curb absenteeism, eliminate understaffed shifts and stabilize staffing.

Discover how the same practices used to curb staff call-offs are identified as contributors to absenteeism.

Learn how communication, flexibility and no-fault attendance policies can actually improve staff attendance.

Identify new and pragmatic ways to achieve fully staffed shifts — consistently.


  • Identify model programs and policies being utilized by other industries that are designed to support lower wage employees
  • Identify practical, proven strategies to improve attendance and stabilize staffing
  • Discover what one Administrator did to reduce call-offs by 45% in one year
  • Identify specific, pragmatic ways to schedule staff in such a way to support organizational trust, boost employee morale and reduce the stress that comes from working understaffed


David Farrell, MSW, LNHA, a member of the Pioneer Network Board of Directors, has spent his entire 21-year career in the long-term care profession. He started as a CNA in order to earn extra money while attending college. That experience inspired him to pursue his Master’s degree in Social Work, with a concentration in Gerontology and Administration from Boston College. For 18 years, David has been a Nursing Home Administrator, and is strongly dedicated to culture change, quality improvement and service. A published author, David has presented to LTC leaders in 45 different states. David is the Director of the Care Continuum at Lumetra, a not-for-profit healthcare consulting company and California’s Quality Improvement Organization.


Roth’s West Salem Conference Center
1130 Wallace Road
Salem, OR 97304


Individual: $20
Organization: $75
(up to 5 attendees per organization)


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