Leadership Pathways to Culture Change

FEB 13, 2008 at 11:30am-4:00pm

Step into the future of long-term care as Nancy Fox, Executive Director of The Eden Alternative, speaks about the current culture change movement that is sweeping across this country and others. Learn from one who has been there and lived to tell the story!

In this session, Nancy will discuss some of the many lessons learned from her own personal journey through the culture change process in a 120-bed skilled nursing facility in central Texas. Through that experience and her subsequent work leading an international culture change organization, she has identified the leadership pathways to a successful culture change journey. Outlined in further detail in her book, The Journey of a Lifetime: Leadership Pathways to Culture Change in Long-term Care (published in March 2007), these pathways are the driving force behind any effort to move toward a culture of person-directed care. Note: Nancy’s book will beavailable at a cost of $25 (cash or check only).

Pre-Meeting Program: “Introduction to Culture Change”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the culture change movement and would like to learn more about it, join us for a special pre-meeting program, ‘Introduction to Culture Change.” Please note that there is a separate fee for this program, which includes lunch.


Oregon Medical Foundation Education Center
Kinney Room
11740 SW 68th Parkway
Portland, OR 97223


Individual: $20
Organization: $35
(up to 5 attendees per organization)


Intro to Culture Change: 11:30-12:30pm (includes lunch)

Leadership Pathways: 1:00-400pm

Please Note

Park in the parking lot or on the street. Do not park in the Tigard Triangle Commons garage; you will be towed

Who should attend

Anyone interested in changing the way we care for our elders: Hands-on staff, CEOs, administrators, nurses, social workers, activity professionals, dietitians, therapists, ombudsmen, elder advocates, regulators.


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