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49 nursing homes across the United States participated in a learning collaborative to integrate MDS 3.0, a required tool for facilitating care management in nursing homes, into every day practice. MOVE was one of the “incubator” state coalitions selected to participate in the 15-month project. The collaborative involved a series of webinars developed by CMS and the Pioneer Network. Five workshops were held focusing on webinar topics and supporting team planning and networking.

The incubator homes also received on-site coaching by Lynda Crandall. Incubator communities in Oregon included Rose Villa, Cornerstone Care Option, and Friendsview Retirement Community. Sheridan Care Center also participated in all of the learning collaborative activities, although did not receive on-site coaching. The program was funded by a stipend from the Pioneer Network and the Civil Money Penalties fund. The final workshop was held on June 5.

All four organizations did amazing work to improve quality of life and quality of work in their buildings. Some highlights:

  • Rose Villa
    • Developed a welcome basket to assist residents with moving into the community
    • Integrated CNAs into Care Conferences
    • Improved huddles and change of shift communication
    • Improved end-of-life care through a volunteer Comfort Companion program
  • Cornerstone
    • Improved consistent assignment, including involving residents in choosing their own caregivers
    • Improved dining practices
    • Developed a safety program, PEARLS (position, environment, attention, report, leader, supplies)
  • Friendsview Manor
    • Created CHEF (Creating a Home Environment at Friendsview)
    • Moved to dedicated staffing
    • Moved to CNA led change of shift reports
    • Eliminated alarms
    • Improved dining practices
  • Sheridan Care Center
    • Consistent assignment
    • Antipsychotic reduction
    • Developed a “Did you know” board in the staff room to improve communication
    • Resolved to celebrate more (e.g., Alarm free for 6 years!)


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