History of MOVE

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In 2005, a small group of nurses, gerontologists and others involved in long-term care began talking about developing a statewide culture change coalition that would promote the Pioneer Network’s principles.

In April 2005, they brought 40 people, representing providers, educators, advocates, consultants, state agencies, and many other constituencies, together for a broader discussion. The response was enthusiastic and led to a strategic planning meeting that June, where an even larger group began working on vision and mission statements and potential short and long-term goals. “Making Oregon Vital for Elders” (MOVE) was suggested for the coalition name and adopted later that year.

In December 2007, the Northwest Health Foundation awarded MOVE with a $35,000 grant to enhance the development of the organization and promote its mission. Grant monies were used to obtain technical assistance for the Steering Committee, secure a PO Box, develop a brochure, and design the web site. Grant monies were used to provide training events in rural areas of the State. Grant monies were used to package information featured at MOVE meetings, such as a DVD highlighting why and how four Oregon facilities changed dining practices, and a CD on best practices for reducing absenteeism.

MOVE has received Civil Penalty Funds and been awarded contracts from Oregon’s Long Term Services and Supports Unit to fund special projects.

Since 2005, MOVE has sponsored quarterly education meetings addressing a wide range of topics, often featuring nationally recognized leaders. Resource materials to assist organizations in their culture change journey have been shared and new resources developed.

MOVE is committed to supporting culture change in all long-term care settings.MOVE has also explored other ways to promote culture change such as developing teams comprised of nursing home staff and state surveyors. These teams implemented a range of culture change activities, including changing dining services and bathing practices. More recently, MOVE participated in the Pioneer Network’s National Learning Collaborative. Between May 2012 and June 2013, teams from eight Oregon nursing homes worked to improve their practice of consistent assignment, shift-to-shift communication and including direct care workers in real-time Quality Improvement and care planning discussions.


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