Myrtle Hosting

Myrtle - The MOVE Wish Tree

Myrtle — The MOVE Wish Tree — is available “to visit” organizations providing long term care, services and supports (e.g., nursing homes, assisted living, home care agencies, adult day programs, Aging and Disability Resource Center offices) for up to one month.

A goal of a visit from Myrtle is to help energize staff and help them focus on moving forward from whatever stage they are in. The presence of Myrtle is not an endorsement by MOVE that the organization performs person-directed care best practices, but that her presence is an indication that a group of individuals within the organization is committed to the journey.

Expectations for hosting organizations

  • Organizations must request in writing (via email is fine) their desire to host Myrtle.
  • Organizations must identify a culture change goal or activity they are engaged with while Myrtle is visiting.
  • Myrtle will be on display in a prominent location with an informational poster and wish tags.
  • Organizations will provide photos of Myrtle with staff and/or residents and secure permissions to use the photos on the MOVE website and other MOVE social media outlets.
  • At the end of the visit, organizations will provide a progress report on culture change activities and their own wishes and reflections about the journey.


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